Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sand blasted items

This is a set of wine glasses I did as a wedding gift. I am really loving the sand blasting cabinet my husband got for me at Christmas!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here is a cupcake top attached to the bottom and filled in with a birthday!

Debe's entry for the Make-The-Cut Blog Hop

My project for the Make-The-Cut blog Hop is a Birthday Board. I now have 12 grandchildren and one more one the way. I came up with this item to help all our family members keep track of the up and coming birthdays.

I started out by purchasing a board from Lowes measuring 4" X 24" X 1/2" and I cut it down to 18" in length. I also drilled 2 holes in the top to string ribbon. After a light sanding, I painted with an acrylic paint. Let it dry for 24 hours and then attached the vinyl. In the MTC file (attached) the vinyl is in 2 layers. I used a soft pink 631 oracle vinyl for the shaddow and brown for the wording. I cut the showdow first (be sure to hide the layers that are not shaddows) and attached to the board. Then attach the wording.

I used DCWV glitter stack for the top part of the cupcake and brown swiss dot for the bottom. I have also used Colorbok textured paper for the bottom. After cutting out the number of tops and bottoms you need then glue the tops to the bottoms. If you know the names and dates of the birthdays you can fill them in now or send unattached to the cloths pins for the user to fill in. The cloths pins are about 2" and can be found at a craft store. I cut double sided foam tape to attach. It sticks really well!

The bottom ribbons are 14" long and cut at a diagonal to keep from ravelling. They are stapled to the back of the board.

You can use your imagination to create any color combination that fits you decor.

The eCraft was used for the vinyl and the Sillouette for the cupcake top and bottom.

Please go to hppt://forum.make-the-cut.com to see my post (debemac) and get the MTC file for your convenience!

Happy Crafting!